Gulf Coast animation studio focused on music videos, social video, documentary. Shaking hands with ink-stained fingers, since 2015.


Night Heron makes stunning short-form animation for music videos, documentaries, experiential projections, social video and GIFs.



A mysterious woman goes on a murky journey through flooded streets in this Harvey-inspired music video for Super Secret Records and Adam Ostrar.

now it's over


This music video for Brooklyn’s A Place To Bury Strangers uses a broad variety of visual styles — including stop-motion with paper puppets, ink on paper, watercolor, and paint-on-glass animation — in a noir-influenced, handcrafted animated tribute to French and Japanese New Wave auteurs of the late ’60s. SPECIAL MENTION: Fest Anča 2016



A hybrid animated tribute to legendary BBC radio DJ John Peel's touching on-air reading of a letter from a teenage listener in 1981. FINALIST: TIFF x Instagram, and shortlisted by Indiewire.

greyhound blues


Made entirely by hand and animated without digital effects, "Greyhound Blues" explores themes of traveling and childhood while drawing from the visual mythology of 1950s roadside America -- especially where it overlaps with the American Southwest. OFFICIAL SELECTION: Cutout Fest, Cucalorus, Animation Block Party, Animasyros, Anibar.

white raven


Night Heron created five animated sequences for Bootown's White Raven, a live shadow puppet theater production exploring the life of a bird born with the wrong color feathers.

Houston, TX